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In Tranquil Waters

In Tranquil Waters combines the fluidity of water with the craft of tailored garments. Various types of water movements are conveyed through different fabric manipulations and textures. Born from an appreciation of the nature, this collection incorporates it into fashion and allows the wearer to feel in tune with the environment while staying true to contemporary style. Versatile and elevated sportswear is achieved through layering garments, attention to detail, and quality construction.

Photographer: Hailey Ip
Models: Katherine Hu, Dawn Guo, Deanna Wang, Lindsay Wong

look 1

The Ripple Vest

Vest of blue wool-bend coating, mimicking the effect of ripples in water. Hand sewed pad-stitching onto hymo secures the rings of ripples.

This vest brings in tailored details including a bound buttonhole and pad-stitching throughout.

The River Shirt & Skirt

A spin on the classic white, cotton button up shirt with a double raglan line, hidden placket, and full sleeves. Dew drop buttons in loops line the cuff.

Complemented with a blue skirt in a delicate silk crepe de chine, featuring side seam pockets.

Mini pleats throughout both garments imitate the rushing of water.

The Pebble Bag

A felted wool bag in the shape of a pebble, to act as the catalyst of ripples in water.

look 2

A cotton dress hand dyed blue, as if touched by water. A scooping back and loose drapery references the flowing of water.

Radial smocking mimics the texture created by vibrations in water

Dew drop buttons close the shoulder, leading to a waterfall down the back

The Tremor Dress

Delicate Details

look 3
beryl look 3 back walk.jpg
beryl look 3 front2.jpg
beryl look 3 detail.jpg

A poly stretch crepe dress with connecting mini pleats to simulate rushing streams of water.

The Streams Dress

the process journal
3d renderings

The Filter

A snapchat filter to try on the Ripple Vest 

the illustrated collection

A Fall/Winter Collection consisting of 3 deliveries that capture the various movements of water through creative textile maniupulations

delivery one: a tremor in the water
delivery two: to ebb and flow